Aleksandr Michailovich Galin
Larisa Raluca Botez
Karina Oana Maria Dragne
Marina Laura Voicu
Skvor?ov Cosmin Creţu
Victor Şerban Chitu
Dolores Adorjáni Zsuzsa
Fordította: Olga Ivan
Dramaturg: Aleksandr Michailovich Galin
Zenei vezető: Mirel Stanescu
Vetítés: Bogdan Ionescu
Díszlet: Eugen Stoian

is a comedy written in 2015 by Aleksandr Michailovich Galin, one of the most famous contemporary play-writers (as well as theater and film director) in Russia,  whose works are played in Rusia, France, USA and in Romania.

Date of Premiere in Giurgiu, Romania - 19 .12.2017





A történetben szereplő apa világszemlélete hagyományos, viselkedése erőszakos (ami nem is csoda, ha valaki a maffiával áll összeköttetésben), aki fiát külföldre küldi tanulni. Meglátogatja őt Amsterdamban, hogy megnézze, hogyan boldogul külföldön a gyerek – a dolog pikantériáját az adja, hogy pont ekkor zajlik a melegfelvonulás a városban.

Povestea unui rus tradi?ionalist ajuns în Amsterdam în mijlocul unei parade gay. Disperat că fiul său este acolo nu tocmai întâmplător, se întâlne?te cu prietenii acestuia, dar ?i cu tequilla, iar din această coliziune rezultă o serie de încurcături care rămâne la latitudinea spectatorului dacă sunt sau nu comice.

It is a story about a Russian nouveau riche, very traditional, violent (and a business mafia-kind shark at home), who sent his son to study abroad, and when he came to visit him, in Amsterdam, it happens that under the windows of his hotel is passing a gay parade.

The Parade is a story about a Russian nouveau riche, Nikolai Skvortzov, very traditional, violent  (and a business mafia-kind shark at home), who sent his son (Viktor) to study abroad, and when he came to visit him and Larisa, in Amsterdam, it happens that under the windows of his hotel is passing a gay parade. Larisa is Nikolai’s wife, a former actress, now established in London to accompany their son during his university studies in the capital of England. From their discussion, we understand that this "escape" of the family is not appreciated by Nikolai too much when he asks his wife to return home, in Russia. Larisa tries to explain him  that their son is completely changed, and she suggests that the reason of this could be his friendship with a Russian-Mexican young man named Dolores, whom she defines to be "more interested in the Tin Man than in Dorothy ". Contrary to traditional rigid, stiff principles of the father,  the son is open minded and supports together with his friends the gay parade, organizing even a sort of "street performance".  His father does not understand and think that Viktor is gay and desperately  try  to separate with brutality his son from his best friend Dolores.  Fortunately he became drunk due to a very tough sort of tequila – a welcome gift from Dolores father. Being groggy and almost paralyzed (for a while),  he is obliged to listen the others and to discover that he has a real family, with real feelings, a wife who loves him, a boy with real friends  and  possible plans of life. More, his son waits for a baby, so Nikolai will be grandfather. All this make him, at the end, to realise that the lives of his son and wife are more important and  less dangerous than his idiosyncrazies and the serious threats waiting for him at his return in Russia. (Skvorţov receives a phone call from Russia, somebody warns him of   criminal arrangements concerning him, from the part of a younger mafia competitor). The real values of family, happiness and empathy become priorities when he understands that he has to return in Russia where his life will be most probably the price for his family’s liberty.

In a second plan there is also a love story as well as a story of a profound friendship between two young people, Viktor and Dolores, one of which -very sensitive and complex character- is hardly looking for his identity. The text is a text of a comedy with implications in the need of assenting and understanding the people next to you. The comic of the situations in The Parade is always taking place against the backdrop of his life- a hidden mafia-like threatening business.


Alexandr Mikhailovich Galin is considered one of the leaders of the "new wave" of Russian playwrights who, after the decades of state political theater, have focused on the individual. Seven of his plays are played in 2011 on scenes from Russia and the world. His films "Delegation" (1993) and "Foto" (2003) were distinguished with several national and international awards. The "Wedding" film, based on a screenplay, received a Cannes Film Festival award in the year 2000.
Galin holds the first place on Russia's list of playwrights today, his plays being played in more than two hundred theaters across the country, as well as the most famous theaters in Europe and Asia, including the Moscow Art Theater, Royal Shakespeare Theater in London, the Odéon Theater in Paris, the Berlin Schiller Theater, the Mingiey Thea in Tokyo. Galin and his stage plays feature prestigious awards and awards, such as Laurence Olivier Prize (Great Britain) or Ambassador of the Arts (USA).

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…The play is extremely exciting and up-to-date, announcing from her start a special comic of the situation..
                      “In Giurgiu, if it's Tuesday it's THEATER! A day in the life of a "predator" ...!”

Jurnal Giurgiuvean (daily newspaper), 12 martie 2018


…The full hall and the applauses for "Zeul Măcelului" filled the hall (of Satiricus theater, Chisinau n.n)  at the show on the evening of April 5 with "Parada" by Alecsandr Galin, directed by Cosmin Creţu. The actors Cosmin Creţu, Raluca Botez, Şerban Chitu, Vlad Bînzoiu, Oana Maria Dragne and Laura Voicu lived intensely the conflictual situations about selfishness and friendship, about sensitivity and authoritarianism, about the need for acceptance and understanding of each other. This show deserved, of course, a special chronicle…
                  › Cronica de teatru, (central theater and art review),16 apr 2018

...(The Director n.n) gave us, together with his younger colleagues, for almost two hours, memorable scenes, some hilarious or grotesque, some tense or sentimental, in a lively, dynamic and colorful dialogue…

Giurgiuveanul (daily newspaper), June 6, 2018


Rendezte – Directed by – Regia:
Cosmin Creţu

Szereplők – Distribuţia – Actors:


Bemutató – Pemier – Data premierei: 19 dec. 2017

The Parade is a comedy written in 2015 by Aleksandr Galin, one of the most famous and prestigious contemporary play-writers (as well as theater and film director) in Russia, whose works are played in Rusia, France, USA- and in Romania.
Co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union

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